"One of ten local artists to watch in 2017." - LA Weekly

“An acoustic gem.” - CMT Edge

“The most beautiful, aching record we’ve heard all year. Simply put: the album is full of amazing songs that sound amazing.” - Performer Magazine “An absolute stunner of an album.” - Hear Ya

“A gifted young artist and a stellar singer-songwriter with feet equally in Americana, folk and country.” - Blurt Magazine

“Proper country sweetness. Every track has a gorgeous hook or chorus and there are great harmonies.” - Americana UK

“Ocean can pen classic country that will stand the test of time.” - Music Muso

“His music made my ears pay attention and my heart happy.” - The Daily Country

“Ocean gives fans a beautifully realized portrait of pastoral heartache and loss.” - Nooga

“A nu folkie from Hudson Valley found something in the water as he can lay claim to being influenced by the best of folk and country rock without embarrassing himself in saying so. Loaded with familiar sounding touchstones that come together as a cohesive whole, Ocean can easily lay claim to the folkie mantle they were trying to lay on John Mayer out of the box all those years ago that just didn't ring true. Check it out, when Ocean goes on to being tabloid fodder and banging flavor of the month supermodels, we can say we were listening to him back when. Well done throughout.” - Midwest Record